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Welcome to and my world of the Vera Sibilla or Italian Sibilla. I am a third generation Italian Cartomancer and I have created this web site to share that world with you, in the hope that it will bring these amazing cards to the wider audience of card readers around the world. Grazie

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Fortune telling from italy

The first book of its kind ever to be published in English

This is the first book of its kind about the Vera Sibilla italiana to ever be published in English, also written by an authentic Italian Vera Sibilla Cartomancer, Alessandra Venturi.

Unlike many books on the subject of cartomancy, this volume comes with both traditional and authentic historical meanings and interpretations, as passed down by word of mouth through three generations of Italian cartomancers.

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Phrasal translation

“ These cards come from a source that thrives on communication and the desire to inform and assist us, which means that the source behind them can be very talkative and forthcoming to the point of distraction, but often with unexpected and much welcome assistance.”

Ada Venturi (1846 - 1926)

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