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Quadri - Diamonds

Cuori - Hearts

Fiori - Clubs (strong)

Picche - Spades (strong)

The cards are divided into four suits, not unlike a regular deck of playing cards, which the true Italian Sibilla was originally modelled upon. It is important to note that the suits have a different essence and character connotation than those found in other decks. Learning the Sibilla is equivalent to learning a new card language in this regard. Beware of falling into the trap of thinking, or indeed being told by others, that there is any similarity with other decks like to Tarot or Lenormand for example, because this is simply not the case, and to do so would be to provide a poor reading, and one that lacks true connection with the cards and authentic knowledge of them.

All suits have what is called seasonal correspondents, which, depending upon the prevalence of the suit in a spread, denotes the timing of events.  

Below I have provided a brief explanation of the spirit of each suit. I have also included a link to a more detailed description of each card within that suit below the suit’s description.

Diamonds represent possessions, circumstances, situations and event that relate to the material world. Such would include work, business, communication, property and other possessions or assets.

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Hearts represent the tactile emotions and senses and what may be dear or close to one’s heart. This would include,  affection, love, friendship, desire, networking and social connection, as well as the past.

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These are what is referred to as strong cards, which means that they significantly influence the red suits when they are placed side by side in a reading. This suit contains some of the best cards in the entire deck…

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Spades is another strong suit because it is the negative suit that represents misfortune of some kind, including setbacks and disappointment.

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La vera sibilla italiana - the suits

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