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My private family history is abound with tales of the Sibilla and the many mysteries, prophecies and predictions that almost spewed from the decks of each generation.

My Great-Great-Grandmother, who I am reliably informed was already quite accomplished in the reading of traditional playing cards, was in her mid 60’s when the Sibilla was first created back in the day.  The compliment of 52 cards I understand, was not a great leap for her to adjust to quite quickly, and it is told within the passed down stories from generation to generation that she become well-known for her reading of the Sibilla deck in no time at all; giving her own special brand of reading within the family and local community in our home town in Italy.

Passing her skills, insights and experience on to her own daughter (my great grandmother), that matriarch of family fortune telling and divination began what was to become a time honoured tradition of word of mouth lessons, passed down from one mother to her daughter, until the present day when my own mother dedicated her time and love, and I, many adolescent and adult years to the pursuit of understanding and getting to know the family Sibilla, its meanings, nuances and whispers of hope, change, chance and transformation.  There have been many warnings too down through the ages, and my own life has gained greatly from the heeding of such words of wisdom and lessons in discernment.

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As for the tales, well, time and tongue have the propensity to turn truth into half-truth and tales into half-told stories, mixed with nostalgia and a deep respect for what over time has inevitably become a well intentioned enthusiasm for a proud esoteric family history. For that reason I am reluctant to share so many of those family tales that have most certainly become a mixture of fact, nostalgia and myth. One certain fact about these cards, and it is a common shared family and wider cartomancer experience, is that they have the trait of chattiness and an unceasing propensity to expand their information around and beyond all efforts to seek immediate answers. The translation in Italian is ‘chiaccherine’ or the chatty ones, as anyone who uses this deck seriously will uncover for themselves in short time. The Sibille have  almost a personality all of their own, sharing information as if it were nothing more than a conversation between friends, chatting here and there about a diverse range of subjects, issues and information. Indeed, after a time they become almost like well known and trusted friends, always ready to lend an ear to any question and responding with great and endearing gusto and enthusiasm. For me at least, they have become more than that, and my relationships with them is close; enhanced beyond measure by fond memories of generations of eager Venturi daughters like me.

For my part, I am merely the benefactor of what I consider to be great esoteric fortune, passed on to me by nothing more than coincidence of birth (or was it?), and it is here that I found myself lost in great confusion as to how I should proceed.  I am the first Venturi in four generations who does not have a daughter with whom to share this gift of knowledge, and it remains my responsibility as a Venturi, to share it with an appropriate someone who will keep the threads of this most wonderful story in tact and share them beyond the fleeting passage of today’s passing tide and time.

The answer came to me unsurprisingly through the cards, and thanks to the words of my grandmother who once told me what amounted to (translation permitting):

“ When all else fails you, the cards will not. Trust in them, and in the generations that have brought them to you.”

And so it was that I spoke, as if with generations of Venturi before me, to the gift that was always theirs, given to me and future generations of Venturi (they assumed) with love and hopes for its continuation beyond me - the family Sibilla deck.

I asked the question. In short time the cards told me that I would be visited by someone from the past, I was going to go on a trip, AND that I was going to write a book with the help of the Internet. I hasten to add that the only reason I understood their presentation of the concept of the Internet was thanks to a combination of cards. Some cards in combination refer to the old telegraph system, the most up to date equivalent of which is the Internet, email, social networking and web sites. That combination, therefore, told me that I would use the Internet to accomplish what I wanted to achieve. The rest, as they say, is, or at least I hope it is, about to become, history - my personal history at least, and it is my hope that my work will in some small way inspire others to come to appreciate the highly practical, everyday benefits brought to us by the Vera Sibilla.

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